Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Interesting Article

I read with great interest an article titled "Dating Advice for Cross dressers" at this link.  http://hubpages.com/hub/Dating-Advice-for-Cross-Dressers

This article is written by Lucy83 who is identified as a genetic woman who likes cross dressers.  She states "It seems that many have the firm belief that it's virtually impossible to find such women (women who like cross dressers) but read on and see why can and should be more optimistic."  this article gives me hope in the fact that there are at least a few women out there who like cross dressers. 

I do feel that times are changing.  Recent headlines of a male student who was elected prom queen reveals that society is becoming more and more tolerant of people with varying gender identifies.  Perhaps the women of the new generation will be more accepting of cross dressers.

I think the biggest obstacle to overcome is genetics.  I think women have it genetically ingrained in them to seek out manly men for protection purposes.  Also, manly are also more likely to be potent and able to impregnate them.  They are also MAY have a tendency to cheat on them and mistreat them.  In today's society where a sissy can pull the trigger on a .357 the same as a 6 ft 6 245 Lb man can, a sissy can protect a woman just as effectively.  Now granted the .357 might have pink grips, but the bad guy will be just as dead.

Perhaps there is a need for a "public relations campaign" targeted at women.  Perhaps some women who have sissies for husbands could write for Cosmo extolling the virtues of keeping your man in panties.  Vampire movies have done wonders for vampire's appeal to women, perhaps they could do the same thing for sissies.  :)  Of course I know that these are unlikely to happen, but my philosophy is that the answer is always no if you don't ask.  If you don't try it definitely won't happen.  In short, what I am hoping for is that the women who have discovered the advantages of sissy men will spread the word to their girl friends.  Those sissies out there that are lucky enough to have women who accept and play with them need to absolutely worship the ground that they walk on.  Do every thing you can to please them.  Remember, they all have girl friends, and their girl friend may be your next mistress. 

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